Gaster in A Universal Time

Fun with Gaster

To start off, it looks cool and it is cool and EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS COOL!

Ignore that. This is a stand named “Gaster” in a roblox game called “A Universal Time.” Gaster one of the strongest stand in the game and it was originally from a game called “Undertale” and the devs somehow made a roblox version in the game! Cool right!

To get this Gaster stand, you need to collect 7 hearts which are…

perseverance, patience, integrity, bravery, justice, kindness, and last but not least determination (which is so hard to get i dont have one rn sorry). Each one has its own unique ability and color. TIME TO EXPLAIN.

First is perseverance: color purple. When on stand, click to shoot laser. Press R to shoot 3 lasers(3) at once.

Second is patience: color light blue. Click to grab/travel. R for dragging people towards you.

Third is integrity: color dark blue. With this power, you can shoot out saws(3) that would track people down. R would shoot 6 saws(6).

Forth is bravery: color orange. When you click it, it would spawn tiny bombs. Press R for a nuke.

Fifth is justice: color yellow. It can shoot bullets(8) when you click. Press R for heavy bullets(3).

Sixth is KINDNESS: color yellow. Why did I cap the name, you ask? Because this power has a secret ability, but first, kindness can heal others by clicking. And to heal yourself press R. The bonus move is X, to generate a shield for a short period of time.


Ok, so, are you wondering what the secret is? To activate Awakening you have to get less than 100 health, then press X (shield) while getting hit with a normal stand. Then this pops out:

Awakening gaster

Controls: q e for hand, click to grab people and by pressing X(Z for left) you crush the person on your hand, instantly killing them. Press R for A MASSIVE LAZER (btw V(left hand is C) to drop).

It’s bigger than this but my photo skills are bad.

Pros: Grab people/bosses and instantly kills them when press X, Ton of dmg with lazer. Cons: has a time limit when time runs out you die.
That’s about it! More info coming in the near future or idk.

This is the original Gaster:

Gaster from Glitchtale! by CamilaAnims on DeviantArt

Roblox- Mad City forever invisible glitch

First you need to Become a hero/villain for the glitch to work (recommend being a hero)

ok your done with that now if your a hero become the Vanta hero (become the ninja if you are a villain) Then if you press shift you should be invisible then hold shift and crouch (press c) release the shift and press c again and your done!

this allows you to hold any weapon invisible but the weapons!! also don’t shoot, aim or shift because that will make you visible. the best weapon for this glitch is the knife, its black small hard to see and does 40 damage!!!So what you need to do is get a knife become invisible and then cut them into pieces. Oh and BTW if you’re playing with friends use your aura(the purple thing) to show your spot when you’re invisible.

Build a boat – Jet pack fun!

Sorry about the delay of posts cuz of school work.


Nothing is better than playing with Noah, Emanuel and 54yue today!!!

We made a small platform that holds 4 people. To fly with this, it requires 4 jet packs on each person. You know why? Because we are all connected to that platform and in order to fly we need to activate all our jet packs all at once! If someone did not activate their jet pack, we would fall, even die!!! Everyone listened to me and did as I command: “Up! Release! Up! Up! Keep pressing space bar.” We were scared that we would fall but excited at the same time. Things didn’t go so smoothly in the end because we forgot jet packs would run out of fuel. So, on our trip back, we needed to keep on spamming the space bar in order to keep our altitude.

It was a fun experience and we went thru a TON of trouble like 54yue didn’t know how to put on a jet pack, and other team’s people kept coming and flying around! But in the end we’ve managed to overcome all the problems and we flew wonderfully!!

Build a Boat for Treasure

Build a boat for treasure is also a teamwork-based game. The main goal is to build a boat, complete stages and try to get to the treasure! A treasure chest gives 100 gold when touched. When you join the game you have 6 wood blocks to build with and 10 gold to buy more blocks as shown below.

6 wood blocks 1 chair

Try to get started by buying stuff

You will need to start building a boat, make it as strong as possible! And when your done building your amazing boat you may set sail


Also a great way to earn money is to do quests like soccer, ramp, touch the cloud, fight the dragon and more!

There is also a lot of Easter eggs, tricks, glitches in build a boat that can help you get gold! Find out yourself! It’s worth it!

Just a random little glitch

Jailbreak on Roblox

Jailbreak Prison Yard. Yee!

I like jailbreak. Let me explain how to play. There are three roles in this game: prisoner, criminal, and police. Which would you choose to play?

The Prisoner
The prisoner is like a decoration in order to be a criminal and rob stuff, you need to escape from the jail. You’ll turn into a criminal after you escape.


Criminal driving a fancy car.
Prisoners vs cops in jail. The cop drove this helicopter and crash landed in prison. Inmates all came to hijack the helicopter.

The Criminal
You are now a criminal. You are now available to rob museums, banks, jewelry stores, power plants, doughnut shops, gas stations, cargo planes, and more! Being a criminal is about finding other criminals. By teaming up with them, you will be able challenged to do obbies (obstacle courses) in order to rob stores and defeat cops that are trying to arrest you.

您現在是罪犯。現在,您可以搶劫博物館、銀行、珠寶店、發電廠、甜甜圈店、加油站、貨運飛機,等等!成為罪犯後要尋找其他罪犯與他們合作,你將能夠挑戰 obbies(障礙訓練)、搶劫商店,並擊敗試圖逮捕您的警察。


Criminal robbing power plant: first you need to solve this puzzle. I can solve this puzzle real fast!
I got uranium from the power plant.

The Cop
The only thing that a cop needs to do is to arrest criminals. Here’s my advice: if you are a noob in jailbreak, play as the cop because you are not familiar with the map or the Obbies yet so you might die a lot. When you are a cop, try to arrest criminals with high bounties. That will get you more money. Some of the high player bounties are skilled. When you face skilled players, you will need surprise attack to catch them. Arrest them when they are robbing something because that would be least expected. However, some of the buildings prevent cops from entering. For example, the museum: whenever a cop goes into the museum, they get teleported out. This requires glitches to get in. And it’s the opposite for the criminal. Criminals can use glitches to escape the museum, not to waist time disabling the alarm, if you know how.



Snapshot 20w08a

Snapshot 20w08a has arrived!

The new minecraft neather update added new blocks/items and the best thing is WE CAN NOW LIVE IN THE NETHER!!!

Before th3 update the nether is just a gloomy place for players to collect items and craft stuff, now we have wood, food source, and new ores that are better than DIAMOND: the netherite ore!

In the picture above you can see the tools and armors that are black, these are made out of netherite ores! The ores are rare and they can only be found in the nether. And the ore is the ore that changed Minecraft once again.



My SWAT Skyscraper

Today from now on every day I will post a mob/item/command and their ability till the end of EVO.

Today’s Mob: Enderman

Health:40; Damage:4~10 If you want to escape from them, the best way is to jump in a puddle of water because they hate water. (They take damage in water)

by Mattie Tsai January 29, 2020

Mob Head & Creeper

Today & yesterdays item & mob
Item: Mob head

As most of the new players wood say when they see a mob head lying on the ground “How the neck did they get this?” Well its simple. Just try to get a charged creeper to explode while skeleton,zombies are near him. It will explode and if it kills the near by mob it will drop his head!

Mob: Creeper
Health: 20
Attack damage:1~20
Tip: when a creeper is about to explode place a block in front of it and the block will absorb almost all the damage and only does 1~2 damage.
Fun fact: creepers were made when notch was trying to create a pig but he mess up the texture and the creeper was born!

by Mattie Tsai January 31, 2020

Charged Creeper Elven

Today’s mob: Charged Creeper Elven
Health: 20 Explosion damage: 1 ~ 97💀💀💀
Exp drop: 0~5

A charged creeper is made when a bolt of lightning strikes it within 4 blocks or less and can be recognized when you see a blue aura around a normal creeper. Splashing invisible potion on a charged creeper will only make the creeper invisible but not the blue aura.

by Mattie Tsai February 1st, 2020

Everyone is Glowing

Well today’s command is EVERYONE IS GLOWING!!!

Command: /effect @e glowing <seconds> <how strong the effect(doesn’t matter(max 255))>

Well you can change the @what @e for every mob @a for every mob. Yea and that’s about it hahaha!

by Mattie Tsai February 3rd, 2020

Wool Race for EVO Minecraft MOOC 2020

Thank u Vance Stevens, Jane Chien, Dakohtah, Olivetree Lighthouse, and Joe for participating in my woof race. The first round is based on the desert biome, using a piston to open a portal to the the second round, which is the overworld, and finally a pathway to the nether.FAQ: Q: Mattie, why are there lightning striking? what are they for?A: It was because it was laggy with all the sheep and to prevent extra points from the sheep that grow back wool.
Tips: 1. Give everyone saturation when hosting a non-survival mini-game or give them food. 2. For each round, have more sheep and bigger area.3. Don’t let your players die unless you want them to. 4. Barrier blocks are good for creating mini-games.
Behind the scenes: WATCH TO THE END

My Version of the Wool Race for EVO Minecraft Mooc 2020