Random facts in A Universal Time

undertale crap You might have heard of undertale right? If not then go search it up. (it’s popular lol) There’s this spec called sans. It’s annoying to fight because you can’t see their health bar. Their health is ran by something called stamina. They have a stamina bar that works like a health bar. IfContinue reading “Random facts in A Universal Time”

Gaster in A Universal Time

Fun with Gaster To start off, it looks cool and it is cool and EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS COOL! Ignore that. This is a stand named “Gaster” in a roblox game called “A Universal Time.” Gaster one of the strongest stand in the game and it was originally from a game called “Undertale” and theContinue reading “Gaster in A Universal Time”

Roblox- Mad City forever invisible glitch

First you need to Become a hero/villain for the glitch to work (recommend being a hero) ok your done with that now if your a hero become the Vanta hero (become the ninja if you are a villain) Then if you press shift you should be invisible then hold shift and crouch (press c) releaseContinue reading “Roblox- Mad City forever invisible glitch”

Build a boat – Jet pack fun!

Sorry about the delay of posts cuz of school work. 
NVM THAT Nothing is better than playing with Noah, Emanuel and 54yue today!!! We made a small platform that holds 4 people. To fly with this, it requires 4 jet packs on each person. You know why? Because we are all connected to that platformContinue reading “Build a boat – Jet pack fun!”