Build a boat – Jet pack fun!

Sorry about the delay of posts cuz of school work.


Nothing is better than playing with Noah, Emanuel and 54yue today!!!

We made a small platform that holds 4 people. To fly with this, it requires 4 jet packs on each person. You know why? Because we are all connected to that platform and in order to fly we need to activate all our jet packs all at once! If someone did not activate their jet pack, we would fall, even die!!! Everyone listened to me and did as I command: “Up! Release! Up! Up! Keep pressing space bar.” We were scared that we would fall but excited at the same time. Things didn’t go so smoothly in the end because we forgot jet packs would run out of fuel. So, on our trip back, we needed to keep on spamming the space bar in order to keep our altitude.

It was a fun experience and we went thru a TON of trouble like 54yue didn’t know how to put on a jet pack, and other team’s people kept coming and flying around! But in the end we’ve managed to overcome all the problems and we flew wonderfully!!

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