Gaster in A Universal Time

Fun with Gaster To start off, it looks cool and it is cool and EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS COOL! Ignore that. This is a stand named “Gaster” in a roblox game called “A Universal Time.” Gaster one of the strongest stand in the game and it was originally from a game called “Undertale” and theContinue reading “Gaster in A Universal Time”

Roblox- Mad City forever invisible glitch

First you need to Become a hero/villain for the glitch to work (recommend being a hero) ok your done with that now if your a hero become the Vanta hero (become the ninja if you are a villain) Then if you press shift you should be invisible then hold shift and crouch (press c) releaseContinue reading “Roblox- Mad City forever invisible glitch”

Build a boat – Jet pack fun!

Sorry about the delay of posts cuz of school work. 
NVM THAT Nothing is better than playing with Noah, Emanuel and 54yue today!!! We made a small platform that holds 4 people. To fly with this, it requires 4 jet packs on each person. You know why? Because we are all connected to that platformContinue reading “Build a boat – Jet pack fun!”