Gaster in A Universal Time

Fun with Gaster

To start off, it looks cool and it is cool and EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS COOL!

Ignore that. This is a stand named “Gaster” in a roblox game called “A Universal Time.” Gaster one of the strongest stand in the game and it was originally from a game called “Undertale” and the devs somehow made a roblox version in the game! Cool right!

To get this Gaster stand, you need to collect 7 hearts which are…

perseverance, patience, integrity, bravery, justice, kindness, and last but not least determination (which is so hard to get i dont have one rn sorry). Each one has its own unique ability and color. TIME TO EXPLAIN.

First is perseverance: color purple. When on stand, click to shoot laser. Press R to shoot 3 lasers(3) at once.

Second is patience: color light blue. Click to grab/travel. R for dragging people towards you.

Third is integrity: color dark blue. With this power, you can shoot out saws(3) that would track people down. R would shoot 6 saws(6).

Forth is bravery: color orange. When you click it, it would spawn tiny bombs. Press R for a nuke.

Fifth is justice: color yellow. It can shoot bullets(8) when you click. Press R for heavy bullets(3).

Sixth is KINDNESS: color yellow. Why did I cap the name, you ask? Because this power has a secret ability, but first, kindness can heal others by clicking. And to heal yourself press R. The bonus move is X, to generate a shield for a short period of time.


Ok, so, are you wondering what the secret is? To activate Awakening you have to get less than 100 health, then press X (shield) while getting hit with a normal stand. Then this pops out:

Awakening gaster

Controls: q e for hand, click to grab people and by pressing X(Z for left) you crush the person on your hand, instantly killing them. Press R for A MASSIVE LAZER (btw V(left hand is C) to drop).

It’s bigger than this but my photo skills are bad.

Pros: Grab people/bosses and instantly kills them when press X, Ton of dmg with lazer. Cons: has a time limit when time runs out you die.
That’s about it! More info coming in the near future or idk.

This is the original Gaster:

Gaster from Glitchtale! by CamilaAnims on DeviantArt

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