Random facts in A Universal Time

Explaining every stand in a universal time because I’m forced to….

haha i got data reset for the 3rd time and lost everything. So my advice is to take a picture of every one of your stands and beg the admins to give it back with the proof you have

Cursed Orb Family

Cursed Orb

Cursed orb

This is the cursed orb, its the rarest item in the game and it always has been. It has 1/100 chance of getting it from a chest and can be used to obtain S tier stands including STWR, SPR, Yone, Yasuo.



STWR (shadow the world requiem) a S tier stand obtainable by merging shadow Dio with cursed orb. It’s hated for knife spamming as its knife ability has low cooldown and high damage.

knife throw



SPR (star platinum requiem) is also a S tier stand obtained by merging cursed orb on star platinum. known for a strong combo and doing godly damage, it could destroy your opponent if you know how to use it well.

SPR using arrow prison

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