Jailbreak on Roblox

Jailbreak Prison Yard. Yee!

I like jailbreak. Let me explain how to play. There are three roles in this game: prisoner, criminal, and police. Which would you choose to play?

The Prisoner
The prisoner is like a decoration in order to be a criminal and rob stuff, you need to escape from the jail. You’ll turn into a criminal after you escape.


Criminal driving a fancy car.
Prisoners vs cops in jail. The cop drove this helicopter and crash landed in prison. Inmates all came to hijack the helicopter.

The Criminal
You are now a criminal. You are now available to rob museums, banks, jewelry stores, power plants, doughnut shops, gas stations, cargo planes, and more! Being a criminal is about finding other criminals. By teaming up with them, you will be able challenged to do obbies (obstacle courses) in order to rob stores and defeat cops that are trying to arrest you.

您現在是罪犯。現在,您可以搶劫博物館、銀行、珠寶店、發電廠、甜甜圈店、加油站、貨運飛機,等等!成為罪犯後要尋找其他罪犯與他們合作,你將能夠挑戰 obbies(障礙訓練)、搶劫商店,並擊敗試圖逮捕您的警察。


Criminal robbing power plant: first you need to solve this puzzle. I can solve this puzzle real fast!
I got uranium from the power plant.

The Cop
The only thing that a cop needs to do is to arrest criminals. Here’s my advice: if you are a noob in jailbreak, play as the cop because you are not familiar with the map or the Obbies yet so you might die a lot. When you are a cop, try to arrest criminals with high bounties. That will get you more money. Some of the high player bounties are skilled. When you face skilled players, you will need surprise attack to catch them. Arrest them when they are robbing something because that would be least expected. However, some of the buildings prevent cops from entering. For example, the museum: whenever a cop goes into the museum, they get teleported out. This requires glitches to get in. And it’s the opposite for the criminal. Criminals can use glitches to escape the museum, not to waist time disabling the alarm, if you know how.



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