Ro Ghoul

Oh hey I got bored why not grind a new game? So I did lol

Introduction: What the hell is ro ghoul

Enter Ro Ghoul, a game based on the anime Tokyo ghoul which is quite bloody. There are 2 forces, CCG and Ghouls. To put it simply if you are a ghoul, you eat humans. As for CCG you beat the ghouls so they won’t eat humans

Part 1: Teams

Hah you just joined the game. oh, what? what’s this? a piece of meat and a hamburger?

I would recommend the meat first, that would make you a ghoul. (because ghouls eat humans) after you became a ghoul the first thing you would do is check your kagune. What in the world is a kagune you say? It’s the biological weapon for ghouls and sometimes it could be really messy

example of a kagune
welp things got messy
thicc kagune

Part 2: Kagunes

As you can see kagunes can get really big and powerful and can really deal a ton of damage if used correctly. Each kagune has 4~5 attacks(including the left mouse button) and each one of them is different in some way. So back to the point, you spawn in. First things first, press 1 to activate your kagune. if your kagune doesn’t have 3 tentacles sticking out of your butt then you should change yours with yen. But Mattie I don’t have yen I’m poor! No worries man here’s a list of codes down below be sure to enter them. If your kagune is not the 3 tentacles one then enter !Code HNY2020 first in the chat, it would give you 500,000 yen enough to buy Ken Kaneki and it should look like one of the pictures below. After buying Kaneki just enter all of the codes then you should unlock 4 forms by pressing 1~4

one of the spawning kagunes
The place to buy kagunes
Buying Kaneki
Kaneki kagune
!Code 500MV500,000 RC & 5,000,000 Yen
!Code ANNIVERSARY-22,020,000 RC & 2,020,000 Yen
!Code HNY2020500,000 RC & 500,000 Yen
!Code 1M FAVS1,000,000 RC & 1,000,000 Yen
codes that worked
Kaneki form 4

Oh and BTW what unlocks your forms is your RC(could be seen by holding V)

And the last thing is you could buy different kagunes from shops and they cost a bit. Yeah and that’s about it for kagunes.

Part 3: Trainers

Oh hey you just did the bunch of crap that I just said and you want to learn more. You see this guy outside of this safe zone? Click him and do the crap that he says to level up.

First Trainer
Doing the training

After you have done it once you may find out that you leveled up! Now you just repeat it till your level 250.

Part 4: Stats

Hey Hey you just leveled up and you see this focus (FOC) thing, that’s where you upgrade your stats

Focus points

Its just as it says, physical upgrades your dashing speed (double click W,S,A,D to dash) kagune is your kagune damage durability determines the hits you can take before ascending to heaven, and your blocking time(T) speed is speed lol. It is recommended to put 100 to physical and 200 to speed and dump the rest in durability and kagune

1000 phy 200 spd

While you level up dump all your focus on kagune because you’re going to need that a lot. Reaching 250 means about 750 kagune after that install your good ol buddy ol pal auto clicker and proceed you can AFK farm now. Go on youtube and search Ro ghoul private server then press filters and choose either this week or this month, then just pick one and hop in.

Part 5: Grinding

Grinding in this game is like any other simulator, you don’t grind it yourself, your auto clicker does it for you. This may include going to school sleeping or something else. So how do I AFK grind in this game? For beginners that are level 250 and have 750 kagune focus then they could just use the auto clicker to spam click in a NPC spawn that way you would get RC, EXP, and YEN at the same time. I would recommend using stage 2 Kaneki because of quick LMB and high dmg.

AFK grinding

Part 5.5: Bosses

After you are at a higher level you could commit genocide on the bosses, they give YEN, RC, REP, and EXP but I’m lazy so i wont talk about REP(reputation) go read wiki yourself.

There are 3 Bosses in the game right now there may be more but i will just talk about those 3.

Heres Nishiki, he has a level requirement of 250 to attack. Killing it would reward you 5,000 EXP, 100,000 Yen, 2,500 Reputation, and 50,000 RC. Spawn time is 2min 30sec

Nishiki boss

The second boss is Amon with the level requirement of 750. Killing it would reward you 12,500 EXP, 500K Yen, 5,000 Reputation, and 125,000 RC. Spawn time is 5min 0sec

Amon boss

The last boss Eto is the hardest and most rewarding boss, has a level requirement of 1250. Killing it would reward you 1,000,000 Yen, 250,000 RC Cells, 25,000 EXP, and 10,000 Reputation. Spawn time is 7min 30sec

Part 6: Endgame

Whew that was a lot of typing now that your max lv 2000 just enjoy playing the game! You could engage in glorious battles against other players or grind on your CCG account it is all up to you. Maybe get multiple kagunes or grind on a whole new account! And that sums up almost everything in this game(IDC about CCG I’m not at max level on that yet) I hope you learned something and CYA!

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  1. How do u get that code? That’s awesome
    Game looks creepy for me though :p
    Very clear walkthrough for newbies(thumbs up), keep good working!


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