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Yeah I started watching ONE PIECE and decided to play a bootleg ONE PIECE game in roblox.

Introduction: another generic roblox brain dead game based off of an anime

Welcome to king legacy a game based off on the anime ONE PIECE.

Part 1: what the hekk where do I start (basics)

Well unlike ONE PIECE there are no marines in this game so everyone is a pirate.

After you spawn in you should get a fruit then eat it, it doesnt matter what fruit when your low level any fruit is good for grinding.

Movements: There are 3 types of transportation

Slight Dash: Makes you move a bit more on where you want to go thus it can only be activated when you’re walking/running with your Keyboard. Dash by pressing Q


Geppo: Each time you add up 300 points in your Melee Stats, You will gain one Geppo/Sky Jump.


Lastly there’s Soru:

Soru allows the user to move at extremely high speeds to dodge enemy attacks or it can be used for easier transportation. Basicly teleporting. Activate by pressing F

You can buy it at Soldier Island (Level 100-180) which costs 50,000 Beli

Soru shop

Here is a Devil Fruit grinding tier list down below with the best fruit for grinding being magma. If you can’t find any Devil Fruits, just server hop a ton of times and you’ll probably find one near the gacha system that I would talk about later.

Fruit Tier list

After you start, you should get a quest to level up. Every quest has a level requirement. Each level gives you 4 stat points you can put. It is recomended to build up your fruit stats up.

After you have a decent amount of fruit damage, upgrade your health to about 5k~10k then proceed to upgrade your fruit to max stats level, which is 4250.


To do the quests faster, use your melee or your sword to hit the npcs once to gather them together. There are also boss quests that only requires you to eliminate 1 npc(the boss) and some bosses even drop swords.

Gathering the npcs together by hitting them once
First boss of 1st sea requires level 20

Oh and btw there’s a stat requirement for every fruit sword and melee.

Stat requirement on magma which is very cheap

Part 2: 1st sea grind

The Magma Fruit is a Logia-type Devil Fruit which would help you a lot in your grind whilst each move of it deals a huge amount of damage, especially its Magma Meteor move (V).

After you gain a certain amount of levels, you would have to switch islands and repeat the same thing again. I recommend you to level up untill you could do the boss quest on the next island, because most bosses respawns really quick(5~15secs) with some exeptions in the second sea, and you only have to kill 1 for each quest to gain exp.

Here’s a map of level requirements for each island.

Map of the 1st sea

Welp now you know how to grind, and if you havent watched ONE PIECE eating a Devil Fruit makes you unable to swim, so you would take dmg in the sea.

Part 3: Fruits

Dragon fruit the rarest fruit in game right now

Right now, there are 36 Physical Fruits In-Game, the developers would probably add more in the near future.

And here comes the gacha system.

Gacha is a seller, and a method to obtain fruits by using Beli or Gems.
You have 5 chances to spin a random Devil Fruit using Beli every 6 hours, 7 Chances for players who’ve bought Premium on Roblox; hence you can also skip the spin cutscene if you have Premium. You can spin infinitely for Devil Fruits if you use Gems, as long as you have them, but I would recommend not to, it’s a waste of Gems.


Gacha Rates:
(Grey)Common – 50%
(Green)Uncommon – 35%
(Blue)Rare – 14%
(Purple)Epic – X%
(Red)Legendary – 1% (scam XD)

The Black Market is where you can also buy Devil Fruits using Beli and Gems. Buying a Devil Fruit with Robux means the fruit you have brought will be equippable anytime (Permanent).

The Black Market also does hourly re-stocks which changes the Devil Fruits it distributes.

The black market
Fruits in stock

You could also get Devil Fruits by doing sea kings or ghost ships in the second sea, but that would be in another blog post.

Part 4: Haki

The first haki is Busoshoku Haki/Armament Haki is an ability where-in it can be purchased at Bubble Island (Level 1000) for 500,000 Beli. It boosts both Melee and Sword damage, as well as some of Dough Fruit’s moves. Press T to activate it .

Busoshoku Haki shop
Busoshoku Haki/Armament Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki/Observation Haki is a special ability that turns your screen light blue and allows you to dodge 8 moves and regenerates 1 every 10 seconds. You can buy it at Sky Island (Level 800) for 1,500,000. It is essential for PVP. Press Y to activate it .

Kenbunshoku Haki shop
Activated Kenbunshoku Haki/Observation Haki

You should buy both of them, as you would be using them very often.

There’s also Conqueror’s Haki, I will talk about it in the gamepass section later in part 6.

Part 5: Currency

There’s 2 types of currency in the game, Gems and Beli. You wouldn’t use gems much in the first sea, it’s just gacha and black marketing, so I’ll talk about it in the second sea blog post.

Beli, you earn it after doing quests, murdering npc and bosses etc. You could go gacha fruits for 250k each time, or buy swords with it. So there’s not much uses for Beli in game.

Part 6: Gamepasses

There are 10 in game gamepasses as of right now, and the other gamepasses are just buying in game currency ,like Gems or Beli, a waste of robux tbh.

Gamepasses and their price

The Tips gamepass is just a small donation to the game.

The Quest Exp gamepass provides the convenience to obtain twice the amount of experience from doing quests, I would not recommend buying this since it’s very easy to level up already.

The Quest Money gamepass providing you the convenience of obtaining twice the money from quests, also not recommended since you wont be doing a lot of quests in the second sea.

The Night blade gamepass allows you to obtain a legendary sword YORU (AKA night blade) that deals decent amount of damage. It could be evolved into YORU V2. The evolved version does insane amount of damage with the X move dealing more dmg the longer the distance, but it’s super hard to obtain. Personaly I love using it.

Yoru v2 X move
Yoru v1 v2 side to side comparition (on the left is yoru v1 on the right being v2)

The coffin boat gamepass provides you the ability to purchase and spawn the fastest boat in the game. Dragon and Light fruit users fly faster though.

Coffin boat

The Fruit Position gamepass providing you the information of when a Devil Fruit spawns and where it spawned, not recommended since you could just gacha fruits.

The conqueror’s haki gamepass provides you a special ability which can stun most enemies of the same level or lower (5secs), excluding max players(level 3400). Activate by pressing U. Theres also a 0.1 chance of getting it when you enter the game for the first time.

The X2 item drop gamepass provides you the convenience to obtain twice the drop rate of some items. Useful but it costs a lot.

The Legacy pose directs you to the Legacy Island, Ghost Ships & Quests whenever available. Left Click to cycle through the different options. Very useful in second sea.

Legacy pose

Last but not least, the Fruit Bag gamepass allows you to store one of each Devil Fruit. Starts at three slots, you can get more slots by using 50 Gems and the limit is 20 slots. Super useful.

The fruit bag

Part 7: Second Sea

After grinding for ages you reach level 2250.

Once you have the level requirement, you must go to War Island and look for the Traveler which is located in one of the pillars of the largest building in the island and once you interact with him, he will ask you to find a map which is located in the Fishland and can be dropped by defeating the Seasoned Fishman with a drop rate of 25%.

After you acquired the map, You must go back to War Island and retrieve the map to the Traveler itself and once the quest is finished, you can finally go to the Second Sea by interacting to Elite Pirate in the Starter Island.

Instead of looking at me explain it’s better to watch a video or tutorial.

On to the next blog you go! Everything you would need to know at second sea!

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