My SWAT Skyscraper

Today from now on every day I will post a mob/item/command and their ability till the end of EVO.

Today’s Mob: Enderman

Health:40; Damage:4~10 If you want to escape from them, the best way is to jump in a puddle of water because they hate water. (They take damage in water)

by Mattie Tsai January 29, 2020

Mob Head & Creeper

Today & yesterdays item & mob
Item: Mob head

As most of the new players wood say when they see a mob head lying on the ground “How the neck did they get this?” Well its simple. Just try to get a charged creeper to explode while skeleton,zombies are near him. It will explode and if it kills the near by mob it will drop his head!

Mob: Creeper
Health: 20
Attack damage:1~20
Tip: when a creeper is about to explode place a block in front of it and the block will absorb almost all the damage and only does 1~2 damage.
Fun fact: creepers were made when notch was trying to create a pig but he mess up the texture and the creeper was born!

by Mattie Tsai January 31, 2020

Charged Creeper Elven

Today’s mob: Charged Creeper Elven
Health: 20 Explosion damage: 1 ~ 97💀💀💀
Exp drop: 0~5

A charged creeper is made when a bolt of lightning strikes it within 4 blocks or less and can be recognized when you see a blue aura around a normal creeper. Splashing invisible potion on a charged creeper will only make the creeper invisible but not the blue aura.

by Mattie Tsai February 1st, 2020

Everyone is Glowing

Well today’s command is EVERYONE IS GLOWING!!!

Command: /effect @e glowing <seconds> <how strong the effect(doesn’t matter(max 255))>

Well you can change the @what @e for every mob @a for every mob. Yea and that’s about it hahaha!

by Mattie Tsai February 3rd, 2020

Wool Race for EVO Minecraft MOOC 2020

Thank u Vance Stevens, Jane Chien, Dakohtah, Olivetree Lighthouse, and Joe for participating in my woof race. The first round is based on the desert biome, using a piston to open a portal to the the second round, which is the overworld, and finally a pathway to the nether.FAQ: Q: Mattie, why are there lightning striking? what are they for?A: It was because it was laggy with all the sheep and to prevent extra points from the sheep that grow back wool.
Tips: 1. Give everyone saturation when hosting a non-survival mini-game or give them food. 2. For each round, have more sheep and bigger area.3. Don’t let your players die unless you want them to. 4. Barrier blocks are good for creating mini-games.
Behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAxRqI2dego WATCH TO THE END

My Version of the Wool Race for EVO Minecraft Mooc 2020