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Hi, I’m Mattie Tsai. Do you play Roblox or Minecraft?

I’m an avid gamer of Roblox and I’ve been playing Minecraft since I was three. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going so that I can share some of my fun gaming experiences with you. Stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

by Mattie Tsai   February 23, 2020

嘿! 我六年級的夥伴們! 如果你還沒有玩過全世界不管是大人、小孩、很紅的 Youtuber 或不紅的 Youtuber 全都在玩的 Roblox,你就落伍了!

Roblox 是一個社群的遊戲網站 ,Roblox 網站上有好幾百個遊戲,但全都是裡面的玩家們製作的遊戲。我最近很喜歡的一個 Roblox 遊戲叫 Mad City 。Mad City 遊戲中有三個角色,你可以當英雄 (Hero)、警察 (Police)、或囚犯(Prisoner)。英雄和警察的任務是抓囚犯 ,遊戲中若將囚犯殺了之後英雄和˙警察就會得到獎金,而囚犯 就會被傳送到監獄裡。遊戲好玩的地方在於,若相反的是囚犯殺了英雄,英雄有可能會掉出賦予英雄能力的水晶,如果犯人拿到了水晶,他們就能擁有英雄的超能力,並且變成惡棍 (Villain)!

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6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Mattie 🙂 While I can’t read Chinese, it’s great to see you blogging. I love the picture of your blog and the catchy title. 🙂 I hope to read your adventures in English as well. Oh may be google can translate too. I’ll try that one day. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for checking out Mattie’s blog! He did most of his writing in English and for the article on Jailbreak (check the blog feed) he actually wrote in English and used google translate to translate into Chinese (cheating)! If you can read Chinese, you can tell that’s google translate written all over it!


  3. Ni Hao! (Is that correct?)
    Olive and Carol and I have been busy playing on a server that Olive introduced us to… AzCraft I think it is called. Lots of fun. I will try and remember to post some pictures. I haven’t haven’t been doing any writing at all… no comics… ;( I am way behind on my chores as well… I need to get my act together. I will report back when I have accomplished something! 🙂 good to here from you!
    your biggest fan,

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    1. Dakotah, Ni Hou! No wonder discord shows that you are playing Minecraft but when I checked both classic and Hinderval servers, you weren’t there. You guys are having fun somewhere else! XD 🙂 Thanks for visiting Mattie’s blog! You guys are the driving force for Mattie to write and share in English! 😁


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